2023 7th International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering

May 27, 2023, Online Conference

Keynote Speakers

The information about the Keynote Speakers of ICCEE2023 is as follows, which will be updated regularly.

Dr. Zhanhui Liu

Dr. Zhanhui Liu

School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China

Biography:  Dr. Zhanhui Liu works in the School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University now. He is a Supervisor of Master's Candidates, the Overseas High-Level Talents in Sichuan Province, an expert the National Science and Technology Collaborative Innovation Platform, a member of the Chinese Society of Mechanics, the Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering, and the Chinese Society of Architecture. He achieved his PhD in Solid Mechanics from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2015. From 2018 to 2019, the China Scholarship Council provided him with a full scholarship to visit University of Surrey in UK. He has been committed to the theoretical and practical research in the fields of bridge structural dynamics and impact dynamics for a long time. At present, his main research interests are bridge impact mechanism and anti-collision design, human-induced vibration of pedestrian bridges. He has undertaken more than 10 scientific research projects, and has published 20 papers, 2 authorized invention patents. Dr. Zhanhui Liu is teaching "Bridge Engineering", "Cable-supported Bridges" for undergraduate students, and "Conceptual Design and Innovative Design of Bridges" for graduate students. He has published one Chinese book and one English book as deputy editor.

Topic: Preliminary Study on Impact Effects on Bridges and Their Impact on Driving Safety

Abstract: At present, the total number of various types of bridges in China has exceeded 1.2 million, and the problem of bridge collisions is becoming increasingly prominent. The busy riverside and coastal waterways are busy, the bridges are susceptible to ship collisions; the geological conditions of bridges in mountainous areas are more complex, and they are susceptible to the impact of landslides, mudslides, and falling rocks; vehicle collisions on urban bridges are frequent. These have had a negative impact on the safety of the bridge itself and the driving safety on the bridges. This study uses explicit dynamic analysis software LS-DYNA to study the impact effect and protective measures of bridges, and further considers the impact effect on driving safety through BANSYS software. Specifically, in response to the impact of falling rocks on bridges, the impact effects of falling rocks at different impact speeds and locations on the bridge, the dynamic response of the vehicle bridge system, and the protective performance of flexible steel sheds were considered; to address the issue of ship collision with bridges, calculations and analyses are conducted on the interaction between piers and water, the process of ship collision with bridges, and the interaction between vehicles and bridges. As a result, some useful conclusions were drawn and further considerations for future research on bridge impact disaster prevention and control were proposed.

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